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Metal industry

For several decades, the Metal industry has been an strategic sector.

However, markets change and it seems necessary to adapt to the different needs of metal industry. Metallurgical activities produce a lot of energy that must be controlled.

In this sense the Weplex heat exchangers are very useful thanks to their capacity to control the temperature generated and to use it in other ways.


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Why install a heat exchanger in a Metal industry factory?

The Weplex® heat exchangers are useful to cool down liquids used during production. Cooling is absolutely necessary because a lot of heat is produced by the machinery.

Moreover Weplex® heat exchangers are very performant for heavy fluids charged in suspended particles. And so, Labbe Process Equipment has developed these heat exchangers taking into account the different constraints of the metal industry. Their performances are higher than those of classical tubular heat exchangers (30 to 40% better).

Weplex® welded plates heat exchangers are very compact and thus very easy to install and clean.