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Sugar factory

The production of sugar comes from sugarcane or sugar beet.

The steps for sugar manufacture are the following:

  • the collection of sugar juice
  • the filtering
  • concentration of the filtered sugar juice for evaporation
  • crystallization.

In order to keep as much the richness in sugar, sugar plants must be transformed very quickly.  That is why sugar factory are placed next to cultivation areas.

Sugar factories work at full capacity after harvesting.  During this period, it is crucial that installations ensure continuous operations without interruptions, so the quality of the equipment is a major issue.


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Why install a heat exchanger in a Sugar factory?

Welded plates heat exchangers are used to heat the juice extracted from sugar plants when filtration and before the evaporation process.

That is why our heat exchangers are specially adapted for juice heating before clarification. And so Weplex® is very performant for heavy fluids charged in suspended particles. In fact, Labbe Process Equipment has developed these heat exchangers taking into account the different constraints in sugar factories. That is why their performances are higher than those of classical tubular heat exchangers.

Moreover, Weplex® welded plates heat exchangers are also used for syrups issued from molasses and crystallization. Weplex® welded plates heat exchangers are very compact and thus very easy to install and clean.