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Weplex®, the heat exchanger, is a high performance heat exchanger composed of laser welded plates adapted for multiple industries.

High performance
Improved robustness
Easy maintenance

Labbe Process Equipment supports you throughout your project to provide you with a Weplex® heat exchanger totally adapted to your needs.

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larges canaux

Large channels


Improved solidity


Easy maintenance


High performance

A unique heat exchanger

Weplex®, the welded plates heat exchanger has been developed and patented in order to propose a unique thermic exchanger in the market due to its high thermic performances.

Weplex® is a large channels heat exchanger of new generation with improved solidity. Thanks to the use of laser technology to weld the plates, Weplex has a longer lifetime compared to other heat exchangers.
Weplex® heat exchanger is a high performance heat exchanger which is specially adapted to viscous and difficult fluids. Its compact design assures a quick installation and fast cleaning.

Weplex® is tailor made; its design, dimensioning and manufacture are assured in our industrial site of 10 000 m² in Tournan-France (40kms far from Paris). Our industrial experience of more than 70 years allows us to find solutions adapted to all applications.

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A new technology heat exchanger

Labbe Process Equipment is a French company which creates solutions applied to industrial thermic exchange for more than 70 years. We can propose heats exchangers adapted to all industrial applications (sugar industry, food and drink industry, chemical and paper industry, etc).

We propose you innovative equipment and new heat exchanging technologies thanks to our research policy.

Our Weplex®, of unique and patented conception, has been designed for all types of industrial process exchanges: gas-gas, water-water, liquid-liquid, condensation, evaporation, cooling, heating etc.

The Weplex® is a high performance large channels heat exchanger with improved solidity. The life of Weplex heat exchanger is improved thanks to the use of laser to weld the plates, which assures a longer life to Weplex compared to existing heat exchangers.

It is specially adapted to viscous or difficult fluids charged with suspended particles





➡️ Patented design

➡️ Exchanging plates welded by laser technology

➡️ Designed and manufactured in France

➡️ Adapted to heavy and viscous fluids



Our large channels Weplex heat exchanger is perfectly adapted to all industrial applications. This equipment is entirely manufactured in France and offers a new thermic solution compared to classical thermic exchangers.

This new equipment can be adapted to all industrial needs such as sugar industries, paper industries, food and drink industries, pharmaceutical industries, water treatment plants, etc.

Our Weplex® welded plates heat exchangers are used all over the world.

Labbe Process Equipment, an expert industrial boiler maker since 1948

All our equipment is manufactured in our facilities of 10.000 m2 in Tournan-en-Brie, 40 kms from Paris, in France. We propose a large range of materials of European origin, for example stainless steel (304L, 316L, 316TI, 321, UB6), duplex and other nickel alloys.

Labbe Process Equipment has its own design and technical department in order to propose you our experience and the right solution for your particular project.

Moreover, and in order to provide you with the best quality equipment and services, we manufacture according international standards like: DESP, AD Merkblatt, GOST-R, UDT, etc.

Our engineers are always ready to help you find solutions to your contraints and to guide you along the installation of your heat exchanger and its maintenance.